ThoughtForge AI

Safe. Robust. Accurate Robotic Intelligence.
Universal, Accurate, and Efficient Robotic Control
“ThoughtForge has outperformed every robotic solution we tried  in the past, even in the most difficult situations.”

bp Digital Innovation & R&D

Compatible with existing robots and software stack.

  • 90,000x less data to train
  • 99.7% dynamic accuracy
  • Scalable - one model, multiple robots
  • Complementary and collaborative with existing AI models
  • Safe for real-world use
  • 1 CPU to Train, 1 CPU to Deploy
  • Explainable & Traceable
  • Life time accuracy

Automate Expensive Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Embed intelligence into robotic systems, today.


Pipelines, Transmission Lines, Wind Turbines (Blades, Gearboxes, Generator, Nacelles, Pitch Systems, Structures), Closed spaces.


Cleaning, repair, and Lubrication tasks.

Dexterous Object Manipulation

Opening hatch doors, manipulating highly sensitive equipment, turning high-pressure valves and/or.

Adaptive Insertion, Removal, Rotation

Inserting a part into slots, inserting cables into harnesses, screw fastening.


Safely handling items with shifting contents or weight (fluids), handling objects of varying shapes, sizes, or density

Robotic Bin

Pick tools of varying shapes, weights, and sizes from a bin.