ThoughtForge AI

Safe. Robust. Accurate Robotic Intelligence.
Universal, Accurate, and Efficient Robotic Control
“ThoughtForge AI unlocks new applications for intelligent robotics that yield scalable improvements in safety, predictiveness, speed to deployment, and reduced computational overhead.”

Industrial Robotics & AI Leader

Compatible with existing robots and software stack.

  • 90,000x less data to train
  • 99.7% accurate in dynamic, unseen environments
  • Scalable - one model, multiple robots
  • Complementary and collaborative with existing AI models
  • Safe for real-world use
  • 1 CPU to Train, 1 CPU to Deploy
  • Explainable & Traceable
  • Post deployment learning and adaptability

Uncaging Autonomy

Embed intelligence into robotic systems, today.


Bearings, Panels, Turbines, Lubricant levels, Fabric, Surface and sub-surfaces, metal and plastic welding seams.


Enable robots to safely pass tools and parts to workers, perform painting, grinding, sanding, welding etc. in close proximity to humans

Dexterous Object Manipulation

Rotating knobs, Fastening screws, Operating CNC machine doors, manipulating and handling high-pressure and/or highly sensitive equipment.

Adaptive Insertion, Removal, Rotation

Inserting a part into a slot, a peg in a hole, inserting cables into harnesses.


Ladling of molten metals, safely handle hot items, items with shifting contents or weight, objects of varying shapes, sizes, or density.

Robotic Bin

Pick and place items of varying shapes, weights, sizes, and colors moving around in a bin.