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Universal, Accurate, and Efficient Robotic Control

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ThoughtForge Replicate

Convert your existing models.

Increase accuracy. Reduce compute. Ease deployment.


ThoughtForge meets you where you are at in your automation journey.


Upload your existing model & python based simulation.


In weeks, compare the accuracy, data requirements, and computational efficiency of ThoughtForge AI to your existing model.


Add new capabilities your ThoughtForge AI.

ThoughtForge Control

Universal, Accurate, Efficient, Explainable Robotic Control.

Advanced AI enabling robots to work accurately, safely, and efficiently in unpredictable, dynamic environments.

What Industry Leaders say about ThoughtForge

"The AI ThoughtForge created is beautifully simple and almost magically powerful. Its power inherits from a deep commitment to first principles. This remarkable capacity rests on exploring configuration spaces dynamically to infer optimal behavior within milliseconds. It is a fundamentally different approach– to context-sensitive, optimal behaviour that opens up new avenues in control theory and a myriad of new applications for AI. "

Karl Friston Quote, FMedSci FRSB FRS

Key architect of Active Inference and the Free Energy Principle
Professor at the University College London | Institute of Neurology

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Unlock the potential of your Robotic Fleet


Bearings, Blades, Gearboxes, Generator, Nacelle,  Pitch Systems, Towers, Turbines.


Blade Cleaning, Blade repair, Lubrication.

Robotic Bin Picking

Bins with items of varying shapes, weights, sizes, and colors moving around in the bin.

Adaptive Insertion, Removal, Rotation

Inserting a part into a slot, a peg in a hole, inserting cables into harnesses.

Material Handling

Ladling of molten metals, Safely handling items with shifting contents or weight (bag of rice, fluids), handling objects of varying shapes, sizes, or density.

Dexterous Object Manipulation

Rotating knobs, opening a hatch door, manipulating and handling high-pressure and/or highly sensitive equipment.

Design to Deployment in Weeks

ThoughtForge meets you where you are at in your automation journey.


Use your existing specs or work with our Solutions Team to define project needs:

  • Task Requirements
  • Robot Model
  • End Effectors
  • Environment


Built-in simulation validates robots’ behavior safely. Our AI enables Tests to Failure in a protected environment readying the robot for safe, accurate deployment.


Successfully deploy ThoughtForge AI on robot in just 15 mins. 0 tuning or tweaking.

ThoughtForge See

Unified visibility into robotic fleet performance.

Monitor ThoughtForge-enabled robots with a single, powerful, collaborative API. Integrate into your Robotic Fleet for secure, streamlined data management and configuration

Solve for Scalability


Robotic hardware capabilities and control models vary across tasks, applications, and environments .


New uncaged, autonomous robotic behavior requires time-consuming and expensive end-to-end, full-stack solution development.


Every industry continues to struggle with opaque Machine Learning-based control, safety, reproducibility, and explainability of intelligent autonomy.